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Arrow Dynamics
Traditional Series Arrows
  Traditional Series Arrows
Arrow Dynamics shafts are built specifically for the traditional archer. Our exclusive parallel to taper offers a excellent spine to weight ratio. The Traditional Series may be used with a wide range of stickbows and longbows. The Traditional is rated for 68-95lb bows while the Traditional Lite works great for 35-65lb bows. The non-glare, wood grain finish is durable and will not wear out or fuse into targets. Made in USA!

TRADITIONAL SERIES BLACK This shaft is a black (no woodgrain) shaft made with the same quality material and finish as the woodgrain shafts but a lower cost.

  • XLT 30-65# 7.8 gpi
  • Lite 65-75# 8.4 gpi
  • Heavy 92#+ 10.8 gpi

    Prices include components.

  • Straightness:


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