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About Us

Arrow Dynamics has over 25 years experience in manufacturing carbon tubes from arrows, fishing rods, paintball barrels and golf clubs. Our archery arrows are manufactured in Topeka Kansas, Americas heartland. We use quality hi modulus carbon in our products. Our patented parallel to taper technology is the the latest in archery arrows, other companies claim to have weight forward in their shafts by adding a heavier material in the front end but the balance point is still in the middle of shaft. Our exclusive parallel to taper is the only true way to achieve a weight-forward shaft. Advantages of a tapered shaft:

  • Less wind drag
  • Speed-the shaft maintains speed and KE further downrange
  • Penetration-30% better penetration than parallel shafts
  • Better fletch clearance

We continue to develop products that will best fit today's hunters and archers. Our newest development is PTP Parallel To Taper to Parallel, a two inch parallel portion in the nock end will allow the shaft to increase spine by cutting the rear of shaft creating a true dual spine arrow. We also do custom tube production on our current tooling or to a customer's specs.

Custom Tube Production

Arrow Dynamics manufactures private label and custom tubes on our current tooling or can produce carbon tubes to vendors specs, tooling cost may be required. Products that we are or have manufactured in the past:

  • Paintball barrels
  • Billard cues
  • Archery bow stabilizers
  • Fishing Rods
  • Golf shafts
All our products are MAde in the USA, we also will manufacture private label arrows on our tooling.

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