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Nitro Stinger
The Nitro Stinger is the most revolutionary hunting shaft to ever come along. The exclusive parallel to taper design allows this shaft to be shot from any weight bow. The nock end of the shaft starts at 9/32" and tapers up to a full 21/64" through the last 13" of the shaft. This design allows a greater absorption of energy by the shaft, giving you flatter trajectory, more kinetic energy, and devastating penetration. The Nitro Stinger allows for changing from field points to broad heads with little or no re-tuning necessary. Made in USA!
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Arrow Dynamics shafts are built specifically for the traditional archers. Our exclusive parallel to taper offers a excellent spine to weight ratio. The Traditional Series may be used with a wide range of stickbows and longbows. The Traditional is rated for 68-95lb bows while the Traditional Lite works great for 35-65lb bows. The non-glare, wood grain finish is durable and will not wear out or fuse into targets. Made in USA!
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Hammer Head
The Hammerhead Traditional is Arrow Dynamics' newest shaft for the Traditional shooters. The Hammerhead utilizes built-in FOC. The shaft has 2x the wall thickness up front for 11inches for perfect balance and extra toughness for the big game or stump-shooter. Made in USA!
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Stinger PTP
Arrow Dynamics introduces its newest innovation in carbon arrows, Parallel Taper Parallel, we are taking arrows to a new level. Other companies can talk about weight forward and 100% carbon in their shafts but they still have to face the facts and flight limits of a parallel shaft. This new design incorporates AD's parallel to taper technology and takes it a step further with a second parallel portion at the rear (nock) end of the shaft.
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Parallel Series
The Arrow Dynamics Parallel Series is for the hunter who requires hi- quality American made equipment. These shafts are made from a higher quality carbon (33 Million modulus) compared to all other shafts. Lets stop giving our money away to other countries for hunting equipment, all our products are 100% manufactured in the USA giving the consumer a choice where his equipment is made. Arrow Dynamics machines, tooling, carbon, components and labor is done in Topeka, Kansas the heartland of America.
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.395 mag
The only carbon target shaft! Why? The .395 Mag is the only line cutter of its size that allows you to drop draw weight on your bow and still maintain the maximum ASA velocity. If you're serious about target archery, the .395 mag is for you! Made in USA!
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Hornet Crossbow Arrows
THe Hornet is an entry level shaft with plenty of weight and spine for the new crossbows. The Hornet includes flat aluminum or half moon nocks. Made in USA!
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Venom Crossbow Bolts
The Venom is our newest design for the serious hunter who expects exceptional quality. the Venom shaft incorporates our FWT (Forward Weight Technology) with more weight up front and double the wall thickness for the first 9" of shaft. The Venom is a hi-quality crossbow arrow that puts more FOC in the shaft and at 385g for raw shaft, it is the heaviest shaft available. No need for expensive brass inserts which add weight but no FOC in the shaft. The Venom is made from hi-modulus, 100% carbon with flat or half-moon nocks. Made in USA!
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Power Taper Crossbow Arrows
The Power Taper incorporates Arrow Dynamics' Parallel To Taper design into a cross bow arrow. It has better FOC and less wind drift that standard crossbow arrows and the rear portion is elevated above the rail meaning greater fletch clearance. Thanks to our famous parallel to taper design, the Power Taper maintains its speed at longer distances and also penetrates 30% more than a parallel shaft. Made in USA!
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